Dee Reynolds enjoys the mall atmosphere because it is a group effort for all. She likes to collect USA Glassware, Crystal and Japan or Germany Figurines. Favorite pastime is quilting, sewing, painting and traveling world wide with her husband John. Of all the interesting merchandise displayed you will also find Glass Bells, Salt & Pepper Shakers, Hurricane Lamps and Signs. 


VENDOR # 892

While traveling the states with her husband Gordon, Judy was inspired by the beautiful mountain streams and trees. She has a talent for Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting on metal and plant hanging Macrames. Last summer, while at the mall, she got acquainted with a family from Michigan. They were looking at several other malls trying to find a painted saw blade similar to the one the had purchased before. So excited they found them in Judy Marie's booth. She very much enjoys the fact that her art will be going to other homes to be displayed and admired. Judy Marie's passion is Porcelain Dolls especially the Victorian type with fancy dresses and hair styles or in their wedding finery.


VENDOR # 229

For over 23 years Dale and Fran Thomas have enjoyed selling antiques and collectibles. It began to liquidate but during those years has grown instead. Their speciality is model car kits, fishing memorabilia and other miscellaneous treasures. Dale enjoys working on model cars and Fran uses her time crocheting.  



Painting and teaching Art has made Sherry Halfast famous in the area. She has been with the mall for over 8 years. During our Christmas Open House you will find Sherry personalizing Christmas ornaments. Although painting she enjoys her passion is Black Amethyst Glass and Purple Glass. 



Peggy and Bill Morris have a very interesting variety to offer. Being in the business of Antiques and Collectibles for over 49 years they have sold several unique items. A candy scale of the late 1890's, that was once used in the Blue Springs Mercantile Store operated by Peggy's Grandfather, sold to a gentleman who also now has his own store. They like the fact that their customers are purchasing antique items that they will cherish and especially the history of the Antiques.